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There are few places in the state of Delaware that have the same charm as the Brandywine area north of Wilmington. This unincorporated community is nestled in the northernmost part of the state, from north of the Brandywine River to the Pennsylvania border. The Brandywine area is not only a top tourist destination for the region, but it is a fine place for residents to live, work and play.

Brandywine real estate ranges from quiet suburban developments to rural properties set on rolling hills. Every home buyer with interest in the homes for sale in Brandywine will be very pleased at their options. With no reason to skip Brandywine real estate, home buyers can spend time searching for their dream home in this beautiful part of the state.

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Brandywine may be modern names for the area, but human habitation dates back thousands of years to when the native tribes in the area lived and thrived here. The first settlers, who arrived in the late 1600s, prospered thanks to rich natural resources. The community saw considerable growth in the post-WWII era as people left the urban areas seeking more open space to grow. Today, Brandywine is a thriving part of the greater Wilmington area and residents certainly benefit from all it has to offer.

The Brandywine area has a population of approximately 78,000 residents and it is located in New Castle County. Generally, Brandywine is considered the area east of Brandywine Creek and north of the Christina River. Brandywine is bordered by Logan Township, New Jersey in the east; Wilmington in the south; Christiana in the west and Delaware County, Pennsylvania in the north. Major roads that connect Brandywine residents to the surrounding communities include I-495, I-95, Route 141 and Route 202, just to name a few. Residents can commute to nearby business centers for their jobs, and then return home to the tranquility of their lives in Brandywine.

Brandywine is a suburban community blends mostly residential development with some commercial and business areas and gives residents just enough of the community amenities they need to stay happy and productive. Community amenities are top of the line and include beautiful parks, fine schools, outstanding police and fire services, and plenty of access to clinics, houses of worship, shops, restaurants and small businesses. Residents really enrich their lives by having so many fine features to their community.

When it comes to things to see and do in Brandywine, residents will have lots of different options to choose from. Outdoor activities are often the most popular, with places like Brandywine Creek State Park, Bonsall Park, Graylyn Crest Park, Northminster Park and others. Residents can fish, hike, bike, picnic, play sports or just relax in these well-kept green spaces. Other things to see in the area include DuPont Country Club, Brandywine Hundred Library, Fairfax Shopping Center, Shipley Manor and much more. Residents can also get into Wilmington easily to enjoy the museums, galleries, concerts, sporting events and more that take place there.

It’s no surprise that home buyers with a desire to settle in the greater Wilmington area are looking at Brandywine real estate. With so many options and plenty of perks for living here, the homes for sale in Brandywine don’t last long on the market. That’s why home buyers who are serious about it should not delay an appointment to see the top Brandywine real estate listings.